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OnlyJahmez Interview

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T.S. Rose Interview

T.S. Rose - Ending Prayer (Live Performance)

DJ Jayhood Interview

DJ Jayhood sat with at for an exclusive interview at Natural Vybz where he discusses his start as a DJ, artist and a producer. We also discussed the evolution of NJ Club Music and his single Heartbroken 2020 featuring Mike Zombie as well as the remix featuring Fetty Wap. He also talks about his new album Holla At Me Like Volume 2. Tune in! 

DJ Jayhood - Heartbroken 2020 (Remix) featuring Fetty Wap

Pretty Dij Interview - Concrete Rose

We sat with thriving up and coming rapper Pretty Dij the concrete rose, for an exclusive interview. During the interview Dij discusses the creative process behind some of her top tracks as well as growing up in Bed-Sty, Brooklyn and some of her musical influences. She discusses drill music and the direction that her new music is currently taking. Tune in to find out more!   Photo Cred: EMIT  shoot coordinated by ROQMagazine

Jazzy XoXo - Don't Lie To Me