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Hulu Hosts Wu-Tang Saga Series Finale Premier at 92NY

Photo:  Vladimir Kolesnikov/ Michael Priest Photography via 92NY On Thursday February 23rd, Hulu hosted an exclusive series finale premier of the Wu-Tang American Saga at the 92NY in Manhattan. The premier included an exclusive viewing of Season 3's last episode, which is also the final season of the series. The screening was followed by a panel discussion with main cast members   Dave East, Marcus Callender, TJ Atoms, Johnell Young, Damani Sease, JaQwan J. Kelly, Siddiq Saunderson, Shameik Moore,  Executive Producer Alex Tse, Producer and original Wu-Tang Member The Rza, and hosted by Interviewer and Radio Personality Sway Calloway. Some of the topics of discussion included what life was like on set, and what the crew experienced while filming the series and connecting to the original Wu-Tang members of the characters of whom they played. Some cast members also discussed their plans for the future and The Rza also discussed some of the early Wu-Tang stories from the perspective of

420 - Streight Angular $$$$


StreightAngular has finished the ultimate 420 anthem!

They've created a song that not only is titled "420" it is exactly 4 minutes and 20
seconds long.  It also has a countdown in it that will enable the
listener to start the song 4 minutes and 20 seconds before 4:20 and
celebrate the momentous occasion every day for the rest of their lives.
Singer/songwriter Yoshi Walsh wrote "420" one year ago on 4/20/15
inspired by his medicine of choice.  For those who do not know, "420" as
a symbolic term has been a part of the marijuana culture for decades
and was first used as a secret code in high school for kids to
communicate to meet up and smoke up. The birth of 420 dates back to the
early 1970s, when it became the hour of cannabis consumption among high
school students in San Rafael. Even in mellow Marin County, stronghold
of the Grateful Dead, no concessions were made to allow puffing during
school hours.

So a group of stoners calling themselves "the Waldos" —
because they liked to hang out in front of a wall — would pass each
other in the halls, exchanging knowing glances and muttering "420
Louis!" One told the San Francisco Chronicle in 2000, "It was just a
joke, but it came to mean all kinds of things, like, 'Do you have any?'
or 'Do I look stoned?' " They used 420 as a code word for their
activities and the time said activities would take place.

is the first single off of Streight Angular's upcoming album that goes
by the same name "420" out this 4/20 on Boston indie label Polk Records

Angular will be having a viewing party on 4/20 at Uncharted in Lowell,
MA (103 Market St)  There will be complimentary snacks and beverages
while they last so get there early
 to celebrate this momentous occasion.  BYOW.

video follows a day in the life of a stoner and shows his adventures. 
Everything crazy and chill. When he smokes weed life is better.  He
encounters touring bands and locals from Boston.  With appearances of
band members of bands like "Built to Spill, Dilly Dally, The Barbazons,
Earthquake Party, The Fedavees"Who's Who" in the Boston music scene have
a lot of local bands represented.


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